What’s your queer tarot story?

Pick a tarot card

A card that represents a significant moment in your story.

It could be any or many of 78 magical cards! Which one resonates most for you?

It could be…

  • The Knight of Wands, representing how you felt when you first came out and hit the scene.
  • Two of Swords, showing how you protected yourself when those you loved were not supportive.
  • The Seven of Wands, depicting how you stood up for queer visibility on your first Pride march.
  • The Ace of Pentacles, when you finally felt you were living in your ‘right’ gender identity.
  • The Five of Pentacles, representing how how it feels to be cast out of your home or community.
  • The Queen of Cups, symbolising how you celebrate your queerness through your art.

Your task is to pick a card that has the most significance for you, and tell us why.

Long stories, short stories, poetry, prose. It’s up to you how you want to tell your story. The only important thing is that it incorporates the energy, symbolism, ideas or imagery of one tarot card. (If you have more than one special card, you can submit more than once!)

Adding images (optional)

Extra double triple brownie points for adding a picture to your story! In an ideal world, you’d create your own version of your card – it might be a photograph of you enacting your card, a collage, a painting, digital art or any other way you’d like to recreate your chosen card. I can’t say how much I want everyone to do this!

Alternatively, you could submit a photograph of a special place, a special thing, a view, or something else that works with your card or your story.


Ready? Add your story here