The High Priestess

I think this divine, fierce femme has been leading me by the nose for most ov my life. I am a queer, high femme and it wasn’t until I moved to San Francisco from London in 2007 that I found a grrl gang who gave me the context to support and feel at home in my deep, mysterious, shadowed femmedom.
They understood that I had a male wife and deeply identified with my animus in heels. No questions. No odd glances.
Since then she keeps teaching me the value of oneness between polarities, the importance of keeping the unknown, unknown, and how to fully stand in my psychic ways. At it’s core, being queer is a mystery- making something fit that shouldn’t, not taking the straight paths but also understanding you don’t have to constantly re-invent the wheel- you just have to reach out and find the others. We’re in this together.
She pops up with polyamory, she pops up in deep sadness. She teaches me to to unite is to straddle. As above, so below. xoxo