Ste McCabe – The Star

For me, The Star represents the realisation that the social dramas, structures, prejudices and customs all around us do not need ruin us. We can refuse to internalise what society says about us – all of those things that could make us feel wrong, dirty, weird, freaky and hated.

I spent years dodging other people’s spit, bricks and punches. Faggot! Disgusting! Don’t touch him, you’ll get AIDS! Grown men, beasts. I used to lock myself indoors and I only went outside if I really, really had to. I believed what they said, that I was perverted and I deserved it.

Without any support I slowly came to understand the world a little bit. You’re the fucked up ones darlings, not me. Feel free to let your bizarre beliefs ruin your life, but I’m okay thanks. If The Star represents inspiration, then I think hitting that realisation is the most inspirational moment in any queers life.

Ste McCabe / The Tarot Cat


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