Spark – Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles has been my card since I first learned about tarot. I’ve always struggled with feeling like the “boring” one, the cautious, stubborn, unimaginative unadventurous type that just wanted to quietly and methodically get stuff done. When I found this card–I could see suddenly that it was important and necessary. Not everyone is the flashy hero; some people are support characters. And I love it! I love being that solid, unmoving creature that plods along doggedly, letting the Cups and Swords and Wands flash around me. I really relate to the heavy, muscular, masculine sort of energy of the card. I’ll be the frame, and you be the picture in the frame, ok?

And… having this archetype to refer to reminds me not to Pentacle too hard. I can be sooo stubborn, over things that don’t matter–I can take a step back now, and look at it and think about how I’m just being the Knight and maybe I could loosen up a bit. And my caution can very easily become risk-aversion. I have to remind myself to let up on the reins and let things happen. I’ve swung too hard in the other direction a few times and gotten into some relationships that were not the best for me, but as the Knight of Pentacles I need to be patient with myself and accept that those things just don’t come naturally for me.

I am a transmasculine person, and as I began my transition a few years ago this card became a real reflection of my intentions about it. It’s about dogged, unwavering perseverence. And the Pentacles to me are the suit of real things, the body, the earth–I’m changing and refining my body to better reflect me, at the same time that I’m gradually changing my home and land into a little farm, where I can work with my hands and experience the world instead of being at a desk.