Lisa Lisa – Death XIII

Granola. I am a granola crunching femme yoga teacher. Thank you for helping me to find my muse so that I may contribute here. When I first saw the card of Death, I felt scared. I saw the skeletal personification of death, and could only think of my own demise, despite kind teachers who tried to explain other meanings of the card.

Years later, as my yoga practice grew, I began to embrace my final pose, the pose of Shivasana, named after Shiva. I grew in affection for the idea of the death of a bad habit, the end of an unhealthy relationship, and further appreciated the idea of detachment. The death of something due to be discarded made room for new exciting exploits. Letting go of expectations that other people had for me has released me to be the self accepting kinky person that I am today.

So I dedicate this card to scene mentors who have allowed me to let go of my vanilla caterpillar self so that I could be transformed into a kinky bisexual butterfly.