Elaine Gallagher – Ten of Cups

While I have in my journey as a trans* person lost my birth family, I have made another family for myself among my dear friends, both queer and straight. I think that in a queer tarot this card should signify the fact that so many of us have to do this, and express a hope that when we are rejected by our birth families we can find support and happiness in our friends and community.

As in other tarot decks, I feel that this should be a joyful card, celebrating the hope that is in a queer family, but in this one I think it should also be defiant. I feel glad in my heart whenever I see a queer couple holding hands or hugging in public, and proud of them that they are so confident in their love for each other that they can proclaim it in the face of potential abuse.

(picture (c) Tiu Makkonen)