Elaine Gallagher – Eight of Swords

In the eight of swords, the figure in the card is bound and surrounded with threats, but there is a means to freedom so long as they step very carefully. In some tarot decks the freedom can come through the assistance of a guide. This speaks to me of my transition, which has been a process of very small careful steps and at times inevitable heartbreak.

Part of the significance of the card might be the struggle against gatekeepers, the threat of social disapproval and homophobic and transphobic violence.

The picture here is from the first time I went to a job interview as Elaine. I had to depend on my friends to help me find the right clothes to fit the image that I wanted to project, because while I understood the etiquette of male business clothes, I had no clue about female clothes. My life is made up of little pitfalls that I’m constantly trying to sidestep to get where i want to be.