Cassandra Snow – Knight of Cups

As a femme-presenting not-femme, this Knight of Cups is an exemplary blend of the many parts of me. Overly concerned with things like beauty, creativity, and intuition, I am definitely more the type to fight for it than take a breath and invite it in. While I am undeniably a Cups, I take a more active role in making those things happen, and the Knight has been really important to me for that reason.

The Knight of Cups also continuously serves as a reminder that there’s more than one aspect to both gender and romantic identity, and encompasses so much of those sides of myself as well. Finally, as a queer person, with Cups frequently dealing with love and Knights being–well knights, the all-too-common queer narrative of having to fight for the right and ability to love who I do rings truer for me and many of my queer clients than it tends to for non-queer people.

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