Cameron – The Tower

Break it Down!

A pivotal moment in my life as queer person came when I realized in order to accept and express all of who I was, I had to completely dismantle the values, conditioning and societal expectations that I had absorbed throughout my childhood and well into my adult life.

I grew up steeped in binary, in dogma, in conditioning that said I was a slave to my biological sex. To free myself, I had to breakdown and eliminate all the beliefs and values that kept me trapped. I had to clear the debris so that I could rebuild the structure of my values in a way that reflected who I truly was and what I truly believed, not what I had been told I was or what I had been told to believe.

It was the most painful process I have ever experienced, to feel the structure that helped me make sense of the world crumble away, to feel the stability collapse under me and to find myself alone in the rubble afterwards trying to figure out what to do next.

This is the lesson in The Tower, that old things must be destroyed to make way for new things and from that wreckage there is the potential to create something so much better than was there before.