I believe that queer people have stories to tell.

Stories about coming out. Stories about first loves. Stories about discrimination, liberation, escape, self-acceptance, pride, shame, joy, regret and so much more.

Some of those stories are inspiring, others are tragic. Some are funny, others are a serious message to society.

I believe that these stories need to be heard.

The Queer Tarot Project invites you to share your story through the medium of tarot.


Tarot is one big story.

It’s a universal story of humanity, shuffled and re-told, over, and over. Cycles of Death and rebirth as The Fool. Confronting The Tower, taking comfort in The Star. A never-ending search for The World or the Ten of Cups. Trials and tribulations, projects, realisations and so many feelings and experiences.

Every time we pull a tarot card, we’re re-writing that story.

Exploring and articulating our experiences. Getting to know ourselves that little bit better. Learning and growing, celebrating ourselves, learning to love ourselves more.

So dig out your tarot deck (or call up your tarot-loving friend). Shuffle though those cards until you recognise yourself. And share your stories with us.


Creating a tarot deck

Tarot is for everyone, but too often, tarot decks are incredibly narrow in the people and experiences they represent. Most decks feel very heteronormative (The Lovers, for example, is almost always a heterosexual couple) and seem too simplistic in their gender representations (e.g. Kings are men, Queens are women).

It’s time that tarot was re-created with a queer filter

This website forms the basis of a big, beautiful storytelling project…and hopefully, a real, physical tarot deck. As the website grows and more and more people contribute, I plan to use submissions to put together something really, really special. The stories might become a book, and the artwork shared, a deck of cards.

Honestly, though? I’m not 100% sure where this will go right now. I know that people keep talking about creating a queer tarot deck. I know that I get a whole load of emails from people asking how and when this can happen.

So this is where we begin.


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Who made this?

My name is Beth Maiden. Hi! I’m a tarot reader and writer with a passion for queering up my tarot cards and using tarot to explore everyday stories and experiences.

I explore tarot (and provide tarot readings) at Little Red Tarot – a labour of love that has grown into a beautiful community of tarot fans who love looking for alternative ways to read their cards. I launched the Alternative Tarot Course earlier this year – an online course designed to help you discover your own approach to tarot. And I’m the tarot columnist for the queer progressive website Autostraddle.com, where I write fortnightly on all kinds of tarot topics.

You can find out more about me in the following places: